Concept of corporate culture:
Enterprise purpose: to grow together, share success

We grow together with the staff, the staff of the business to achieve the pursuit of self-affirmation and beyond - to create opportunities for employees
We grow together with customers, and customers to share the joy brought by asset value - creating value for customers
Partners to grow together, sharing resources, complementary advantages, powerful alliances, build brilliant
We grow together with the community, to promote national economic development and revitalization of the national science and technology - to create benefits for the community

Entrepreneurship: Innovation and pragmatic efficient work

Innovation is the soul of the company, is the driving force behind the eternal career development
Tell the truth, the real, and do practical things, real results
Respect, respect their career, with respect, devout soul towards career, as his career as a vocation
Want to do, start immediately, rapidly absorbed, rapidly changing, fast action

Operating principles: market-oriented products and sales as a leader, brand and service support to R & D-based

Management: people-centered. Employees are the company's owner, companies and individuals work together in order to grow, while also working to better reflect their value
Performance-oriented, from the character, ability and comprehensive evaluation of staff performance in three areas
Focus on systematic, process-oriented, standardized construction
Emphasis on resource integration, including technological resources, market resources, human resources
Efficiency principle, the principle of satisfaction

Our talent: Our people are professionals, informal education, age
To promote the development of the company, to create benefits for enterprises, the company of people as a career
People are our most valuable asset
Personnel to promote the company's development, the company's development for staff development to provide more room and better conditions
Common goal of the company and the overall image of the premise, individual companies to promote play
Interested in the pursuit of work, like-minded colleagues, good health, with an open mind, optimistic spirit

Human resource management ideas:
Mission: to build a learning organization, has for all want to have the ability as a talent to the stage to play their
Job analysis, evaluation and salary
Competency model and performance management
Core team management and training
Human resources needs and recruitment strategies
Attract and motivate talented people realize their full potential is our key to sustainable development;
Adapt to rapid change, is the Internet era the objective requirements of human resources, and only adhere to the study, the continuous development to improve to keep up with the pace of development.

Company Code of Conduct:
Honesty, mutual respect
Pay attention to ethics, law-abiding
Effective communication, understanding, cooperation
Initiative with team spirit
Problem-solving, decision-making courage
Innovation, responsibility
Rigorous and realistic, professionalism
Self-management, professional ethics
Customer first, quality-oriented
Improve performance, cost savings
Enterprising, self-development

Cooperation concept: each primary and secondary team-oriented

Management philosophy: the influence of culture bound by the system

Man philosophy:
honesty, hard work, thrift

Learning and growth concept: fast learning target and growing fast

Business philosophy:
to promote the project management system

Partner philosophy: service-oriented empathy

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